Maarten Uppelschoten @ Kanbaning

“If change was easy, everybody would do it”

With my passion for Leadership, Kanban and evolutionary change I help individuals, teams and organizations to create an eco-system where people are inspired to think, collaborate, experiment, learn and improve.

After becoming an engineer in IT and Business I fulfilled the role of Quality Assurance and Release Manager in fast and complex IT landscapes for 8 years within the banking industry. The last 7 years I have helped organizations with (evolutionary) change and provided trainings that have been scored with an average of 9,2 by the participants.

Organizations only evolve when the people inside the organization evolve. People need room (time) to experiment, discover and decide for themselves (together) what would be the first most viable and sustainable improvement before moving the next. The Kanban STATIK approach is essential in enabling a change that has little resistance and is supported by all involved.

We need to understand why we want to change and need to be given the space to do so.

I’m an Accredited Kanban Trainer (Kanban University), Lean Blackbelt, CSM, CSPO, Agile Practitioner, Leadership Coach, Statistics Enthusiast and Sketchnote Artist who believes in the power of visualizing.

“When you see it understanding grows”

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